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From Veils to Thongs

Timeline For The EPR-Bell Paradox

- Discovered by Einstein (1935)

- Shown to allow physically contradictory states by Schrödinger (1935)

- Baffling to Bohr, John Von Neumann, Feynmann and everyone who has attempted to learn quantum mechanics since 1935

- Led Bohm to consider superluminal interactions (1950s), and

- Hugh Everett to consider the existence of parallel universes (1957)

- Shown to be mathematically impossible to explain without non-locality by John Bell (1964)

- Bell's non-locality shown to be physically real by Alain Aspect (1982)

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Models For Violations of Bell's Inequality

by John Newell
Covers Directional Similarity and Provides a Model for Quantum Interactions

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Video 1: Feynman on 20th Century Physics

Transcript and Commentary
by John Newell

Video 2: Michio Kaku's 2 Minute 'Explanation' of the EPR Paradox

Commentary by John Newell